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Member Handbook

Rehearsal Time & Location

Rehearsals are held at Smyrna First Baptist  (1275 Church Street SE, Smyrna, GA 30080-3595) on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. If you need directions to the church, please see the church’s website at


Georgia Festival Chorus meets for two seasons per year: a Fall season and a Spring season. Dates for the seasons vary according to the length of the concert periods, but generally run from the first Tuesday after Labor Day to the first or second week in December and from the first Tuesday after New Years Day until the end of the school year. Rehearsals begin at 7:30PM and end at 9:00 PM unless otherwise specified.


Consistent attendance is expected throughout the season. More than 3 absences may preclude you from singing in the concerts at the discretion of the director. If you plan to be absent, please notify your section chair.

Musicality & Behavior

High standards of musicality are held by the Georgia Festival Chorus. If you have an item regarding the music, markings, pronunciation, etc, that you feel needs to be addressed, do not interrupt rehearsal to bring this to the director’s attention. Please write your question or concern down and give it to your section chair or the director. If you have an item that needs the attention of the group, please contact the director or the president outside of rehearsal time. Please refrain from talking once rehearsal has begun.


Dues for the Georgia Festival Chorus are $50.00 per season per member. Each season, members will purchase some of the music we sing (approximate cost $10-$15). Borrowed music must be returned at the end of the season. Each member will also purchase the concert notebook used by all chorus members. If the notebook is in good condition, it will be repurchased by the chorus from ay exiting member. Dues and music fees are non-refundable.

Each chorister is responsible for purchasing appropriate concert dress -- see Concert Dress.

Concert Procedures

Stage calls are typically 1 to 1-1/2 hours before the concert begins. Please be on time so we can warm up and make the necessary changes to seating, concert order and other items.

Please carry the music in your left hand as you enter and leave the stage and walk with erect posture and a pleasant face. This provides a consistent, professional appearance.

Stand with your hands at your side until the director signals you to open your music. The, the music must be held at chest level so that you can easily see the director’s beat and dynamic instructions.

Follow the directions of the director to determine when to close your music and place your hands at your side.

The director will usually take the first bow, the accompanist(s) the second bow and the Georgia Festival Chorus the third bow. The main thing to remember is to keep smiling! Exit in the same professional manner that we enter.

Music Deposit

Music deposits are non-refundable.

Returning Music

Please return all borrowed music at the last concert of the season. If you will not be present at the last concert, make arrangements with the librarian to return the music at an earlier time.

Marking the Music

Please make all markings LIGHTLY in pencil. Pens and other markers are not to be used unless you own the music. Markings must be erased from all borrowed music before it is returned. Markings and concert orders are provided early in the season by the director.


Rehearsal seating is assigned by the director. Please sit in the assigned seats each week. Concert seating varies widely according to the capacities of the auditoriums. Please arrive at the specified call time so that concert seating may be arranged properly by the stage manager.

Concert Dress

IMPORTANT: Please do not wear perfume or other scents, including scented lotions, powders or deodorants; this may cause breathing difficulty for other singers.


An evening dress is chosen by the costume management committee for concert wear. This dress is used for several years and can be obtained by contacting the ladies’ costume manager at the beginning of the season.

When you hem your dress, the bottom of the garment should come no more than one inch from the floor while in your concert shoes. If a slip is required, it must be in black and have a slit corresponding to the slit in the gown. Hose should be black or off black. Shoes should be black dress shoes of a comfortable heel height. Please, no canvas or athletic type shoes (unless you have an orthopedic problem) or casual sandals. Please be sure to secure your jacket to the gown using the snaps provided. Hair accessories such as bows, clasps, etc. should be black velvet or satin and should be worn in the back or on the sides – large bows on the top of the head can obstruct someone’s view of the director! Stage lights tend to wash out most complexions; therefore lipstick and blush are necessary parts of your costume. Performance attire is completed with rhinestone earrings. No colored stones are allowed, only “diamond look” clear rhinestones or crystals. No pins or necklaces are allowed with the exception of medic-alert jewelry.


Concert attire consists of a single breasted black tuxedo with white wing-tipped shirt, black studs, black bow tie and cummerbund, black socks and dress shoes. Always make sure your shoes are shined before each performance. The men’s costume manager has information on where you may purchase relatively inexpensive tuxedos. Please note you MUST be able to button your tuxedo jacket.

Chorus Auditions

Chorus auditions are held at the beginning of each season: early September and January. Returning members audition in September only unless returning mid-year. New member auditions take place at the beginning of each season.

Child Care

Child care is not currently provided during rehearsals or concerts. Often, singers will “pool” their arrangements for child care; this usually happens during the first few weeks of rehearsal.


Chorus members who wish to make tax deductible donations to the Georgia Festival Chorus will receive a letter of appreciation from the President of the chorus and this letter is used to verify your deduction. Please see our concert programs to learn the various levels

of donations.

Solo Auditions

All soloists are chosen from within the Georgia Festival Chorus. Solo auditions are usually held about 4 weeks into the season. The director will announce time and specific location.

Fund Raising

The Georgia Festival Chorus is a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Georgia. As such, our chief means of support are primarily through private and corporate donations, concert donations, grants and limited fundraising opportunities. If you wish to participate in fund-raising, please contact the President of the Georgia Festival Chorus. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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